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An Experiential Approach

Give pupils something to do, not something to learn, and the doing of it is of such a nature as to demand thinking — learning naturally results.
~ John Dewey, 1916

Whether you are a teacher or group facilitator looking for inspiration and practical strategies to enhance learning outcomes, or a leader looking for ways to develop your staff, Jennifer Stanchfield’s informative and engaging trainings, workshops and consulting services can help you build your team or cultivate your skills as an educator or trainer.

Working in a variety of settings from K-12 and college classrooms, community organizations, mental health agencies and businesses, Jen is passionate about promoting experiential, brain-based approaches to increase meaningful engagement and develop positive and productive learning and working environments.

Jen’s professional development programs are engaging, relevant, and packed with practical information educators can use right away to enhance their work. Her style as a consultant involves ongoing collaboration with educators, program administrators and organizational leaders to develop custom curriculum and methods that meet the specific needs and goals of an individual program — effective and enlivening practices that will be part of the organization or school for years to come.

“Jen is a dynamic and very authentic presenter/facilitator. I loved the practical application of the concepts and the links to brain research. This workshop has given us many useful tools and skills we can incorporate immediately into our trainings. This workshop really will help me to improve my training and is encouraging me to break out of the mold. Best training ever!”
~Child Welfare Education Trainer, State of New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

Jennifer Stanchfield

Jennifer Stanchfield